Friends of the Library Membership Application

Mailing Address

DUES: JANUARY 1, 2022 - DECEMBER 31, 2022

$25.00 | SINGLE $15.00 


FAMILY $15.00 | SINGLE $10.00 




The Friends c/o Jeffrey P Kraham Broome County Public Library
185 Court Street
Binghamton, NY 13901

For more information call (607) 778-6403 or Fax (607) 778-6429

*Tax Deductible

Memberships may also be purchased at the Book Shop, which accepts cash, check or credit cards.

Please indicate volunteer services that interest you:

What do the Friends of the Broome County Public Library do?
The Friends raises funds to support library programs and needs outside the regular budget. This includes the Summer Reading Program, adult Yoga Classes, Grab-N-Go Bags for children, teens and (sometimes!) adults, furniture and computer equipment used by patrons of the library, and many other activities at the library.

Want to help the Friends with the gift of your time and talent? Here are some of the “jobs” done by our regular volunteers:
Book Shop – Help stock the shelves, greet customers, sell books and answer questions about the Friends. There are seats in the Book Shop and it rarely has any heavy lifting, but it does help if you are comfortable using a tablet and counting money.

Book Donation Sorting – Our generous patrons give us many books to re-sell. Friend’s volunteers meet several times a week, normally in the morning, and sort through the donations. They sort them into Children’s & Young Adult Books, Paperback Fiction, Hardcover Fiction, Non-Fiction, Like New (to the Book Shop!) and remove any mildewed, water damaged or badly soiled books for recycling (just like one bad apple spoils the barrel, one mildewed book spoils the stack). This job does involve a lot of walking around and some heavy lifting of boxes or bags of books.

Book Sale Set-Up – The boxes of books filled by those who sort donations, are unpacked, sorted into more categories and set out on tables. If you like reading titles of books and guessing what they are about (Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul goes to self-help, Chicken Soup 100 Ways goes to cookbooks), you’ll enjoy this job. It does involve a lot of walking and bending over to pick books out of boxes.

Book Sales – During the sales we need people to count up purchases and take money, and others to keep the books on the table tops neat and orderly. There isn’t much heavy
lifting, but if you are comfortable using a tablet and counting out money, we would love to have more people to help with this truly essential part of our book sales!

Reading Garden – In nice weather a group of volunteers meet in the morning, typically Wednesday, and work in the garden. They weed, prune, trim and take care of the plantings in the Reading Garden.

Friends Board – Want to help with the logistics of setting up sales, paying program providers, documenting how money was taken and what it was spent on? Or do you have a great idea for a new fundraiser activity you think we should try? If you can use a spreadsheet to help track our memberships or know of better ways to advertise our sales, we would love to have you join us!