Local History & Genealogy Center Rules

Policy Audience

The Local History & Genealogy Center welcomes all visitors to use our facilities. 
We do ask that you follow these rules:

  • Files taken from the file cabinets are to be left on top of the cabinets and not refiled. 
  • Books may not be reshelved. You must use a BCPL library card or a guest pass to access the internet. 
  • Microfilm (which is available M-Th, 9-8 and F-Sa, 9-5) should not be refiled, but left in the baskets on the top of the file drawers. 
  • All microfilm copies made must be paid for. 
  • Any problems with the microfilm machines or printers must be handled by the library staff. 
    We ask patrons not to fix any problems by themselves.