Local History & Genealogy Correspondence Policy

Policy Audience

The Broome County Local History & Genealogy Center has extensive materials related to the history and families of Broome County, New York and its environs. However, due to limited staff and volunteers, we cannot perform extensive research or photocopying projects.

For out-of-area researchers, the Center charges $10.00 per hour for basic searches of the material. We can only respond to specific requests. Staff cannot compile family lineages, determine parentage, locate missing persons or undertake extensive duplication projects from books or microfilm. We do not do research requests from sources located outside of the Local History & Genealogy Center such as will or probate information or deed research.

In addition to the per hour research charge, requests that require more than 10 copies from microfilm or paper records shall be charged $.25/copy plus the additional postage costs to mail the items.

All payments must be made at the time of the request. No work will commence on the request until payment is made.

Obituary requests must be specific to at least a month and year of death.


For further information, you may also contact us by emailing us at bcpl_localhistory@yahoo.com or calling (607) 778-3572.

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