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Talking About Your Feelings---Books For Kids

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Below is a collection of books for kids on learning about emotions, what they’re feeling, & finding coping strategies. It’s never too young to start learning how to talk about what you’re feeling! If you want more books, come in and check out our display, or ask us for recommendations! 

All of the below books can be found in our catalog


Big Feelings by Alexandra Penfold

A Case of the Zaps by Alex Boniello 

Breathe Deep, Little Sheep: A Calm-Down Book for Kids by Jessica Lee 

The Magic Hug: A Story About Emotions by Fifi Kuo 

Little Faces, Big Feelings: What Emotions Look Like by Amy Morrison 

How Are You Feeling?: Explore All Your Emotions by Lisa Fyfe 

Why Do I Feel So Worried: A Kid's Guide to Coping With Big Emotions-Follow the Arrows From Anxiety to Calm by Tammi Kirkness 

The Whatifs by Emily Kilgore

Just Be Jelly by Maddie Frost 

Emotional Menagerie: Feelings From A to Z by Rachel Saunders

Dragons On the Inside (And Other Big Feelings) by Valerie Coulman 

Olivia Wrapped in Vines by Maude Nepveu-Villeneuve