The Eclipse---Information for Kids & Their Grown-Ups

Are you ready for the eclipse?! On Monday, April 8th, this area of New York will experience a near-total solar eclipse, which means the moon will cover the sun about 97%! Some areas of the state will experience a total solar eclipse! 

BCPL will be hosting a viewing party that day! Starting at 1, kids & their grown-ups can come to our Decker Room to learn a little about this extraordinary event. Then we’ll be heading out to the garden to watch the eclipse! Here in our garden, the eclipse will peak at 3:23 pm. 


Want to learn a bit more before the event? We put together some kids’ books for you! 

Eclipse by Andy Rash 

What is a Solar Eclipse? by Dana Meachen Rau 

Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story by Jayme Sandberg 

A Few Beautiful Minutes: Experiencing a Solar Eclipse by Kate Allen Fox

Eclipse: How the 1919 Solar Eclipse Proved Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity by Darcy Pattison 

Eclipse Chaser: Science in the Moon’s Shadow by Ilima Loomis 

Totality: An Eclipse Guide in Rhyme and Science by Jeffrey O. Bennett


Want to check out some videos to learn more? Click the links below! 

NASA’s Space Place

PBS Kids


If you want to take a road trip, the eclipse will be in full totality, meaning the moon will fully cover the sun, in Buffalo, Rochester, and Niagara Falls, along with some smaller areas in the state! Just remember to prepare for lots of traffic! If you don’t want to travel, we’d love to have you here to watch with us! 


If you cannot find a pair of glasses, learn how to make your own from this video put together by NASA! It uses a cereal box, but any type of small box works well! Just remember, if you don’t have glasses or your own homemade viewer, do not look at the eclipse!